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Updates on South Sudan Peace Process per 13th August 2015

Juba Augusts 14th 2015.   Chief negotiators including Nhial Deng Nhial-SPLM-IG, Taban Deng-SPLM/A-IO and Deng Alor-FD have briefed the IGAD-Plus mediation on the progress and challenges of their discussions since 6th August 2015. They said the main sticky points   are Federalism; power sharing at National and state level, permanent ceasefire and demilitarization of the capital Juba.   However, the IGAD-Plus mediators urge the warring parties to sign peace deal according to the deadline set for 17th August 2015 since they won’t be given any chance again.

Mr. Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of CEPO has said the organization stands strongly on the ground that South Sudan warring parties should meet the given deadline to reach peace deal since the warring parties have no clear objectives for wagging the war that is claiming lives and destroying properties.

“The war has no clear objective from either sides as it demonstrate real attitude of South Sudanese politicians under the umbrella of SPLM political entity. The IGAD Plus should not tolerate the killing of the innocent civilians   and the imposed deaths on South Sudanese by ensuring that peace is reached by 17th August 2015”

Yakani further said the peace agreement that will be reached by 17th August 2015   should not be like the one of 5th March 2015 where strong statements were made but no results were achieved since peace has its price.  IGAD Plus should make South Sudan warring parties to pay the price of peace in same manner that they made South Sudanese to pay for the price of violent conflict.  

In strong terms CEPO calls upon South Sudanese political leaders to stand for peace more than love of political power. The last development among South Sudanese negotiating parties in terms of messages to the public and act of defection among them is a very clear indicator justifying their interest for public office power more than keeping the country stable and free from violent conflict.