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Democratic Transformation

  • Support enactment of legislations and policy for fostering democratic practices
  • Civic education and culture of elections
  • Facilitate political parties’ dialogue
  • Public participation and involvement
  • CEPO is pursuing development of girl child education bill in Central Equatoria State through the state transitional legislative assembly. The Bill has undergone two parliamentary readings. Through funding of Oxfam GB CEPO have facilitated public hearing session’s at all state local government institutions namely, Juba, Yei, Morobo, Terekeka , Lainya  and Kajo-kaji counties including Yei municipality and Juba city. The public hearings are aiming at collecting the communities’ members’ inputs into the bill before it is passed into act/law.
  • CEPO is engaged on development of central Equatoria state Anti-corruption commission policy. The policy development guidelines are already developed in October, 2013  in Juba
  • CEPO is running political parties’ dialogues that aiming at fostering collaborative manner work for enactment of reasonable and effective legislation and policies for saving public interest. The political parties dialogue is run under a campaign called” Shake hands for Democracy and Peace”. The campaign was initiated in 2011. The campaign has brought all the political parties of South Sudan at their headquarter at one round table on monthly bases for discussing democratic transformation
  • CEPO is engaged in development of women agenda for Central Equatoria state Women caucuses for effective engagement on women issues/interest in the state