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Strategy for Mitigating the Cattle Raiding in South Sudan

Cattle raiding and theft among the South Sudan pastoralists communities is taking a lot of human lives in hundred including properties. Recently it is realized that the scale of the cattle raiding and theft is taking larger shape with bad characters of taking women and children especially in cases of revenge. The pastoralists are turning to kill women and children as an approach of punishing the opponent severely.  
Within period from December 2011 to February 2012, over 2000 human lives were lost and women and children score the high death rates due to cattle raiding or revenge due to cattle raiding. Therefore CEPO is for lobbying for this strategy to be discussed by the national parliament for adoption if it is appropriate for mitigating the issue of cattle raiding or theft. Before discussing the strategy CEPO feel to give some context analysis on cattle raiding or theft as below;

Key reasons behind the cattle raiding or theft