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Sustainable Livelihoods & Development

The sustainable livelihood approach CEPO uses is a way of understanding the livelihoods of poor people in the communities of South Sudan. It is drawn from two main factors that affect poor people's livelihoods and the typical relationships between these factors.

It can be used in planning new development activities and in assessing the contribution the existing activities have made to sustaining livelihoods. CEPO’s sustainable livelihood is built on a framework that helps in understanding the complexities of poverty and a set of principles to guide action to address and overcome poverty.

CEPO gives  livelihood trainings on sustainable fishing practices to the communities living along River Nile, modern farming methods and agro business techniques, vocational trainings on tailoring and dying, Art and craft designing, bee keeping, cooperative societies and income generating activities to the conflict affected women in selected POCs within Juba city.