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Women's Empowerment

Holistic Education for Social Transformation (Morobo County Baseline Survey)

CEPO won a grant of Euro 25,232, from ICCO to undertake soft education project activities in Morobo County for a period of one year from 2011-1012.
The main problem that led to this project is the issue of teachers and parents association in educational development. Before the grant is received, CEPO thought wisely to conduct a situation analysis in Morobo County before designing and developing the actual project activities implementation plan.

The major problem that triggered CEPO to under take this project is the weak performance of the school pupils in their yearly academic examinations. Additionally, it is realized that the less focus on the soft part of education development has attributed to weak education systems and results. Therefore CEPO feel to intervene and improve the educational scheme by focusing mainly on the soft educational development projects.   
The best option that CEPO as an institution think could be carryout for improving the education is through working on holistic education for social transformation by taking Morobo County as a pilot project.