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Good Governance

  • Promote culture of transparency and accountability
  • Public budget tracking
  • Extractives governance
  • Advocate and lobby for timely and correct execution of public policy
  • CEPO is engaged in strengthening the capacities of the local government officials I running the public offices of the local government for effective and timely delivery of social services to the communities under funding of Oxfam GB since 2012 in Lakes and Central Equatoria states.
  • CEPO is engaged in supporting Central Equatoria state Anti-corruption Commission with staffs salaries worth to 9900 South Sudanese pounds per month at local government level for strengthening local government budget tracking in Central Equatoria state under CEPO self mobilized funds since December, 2013
  • CEPO is involved in fostering transparency over utilization of the oil revenue through engaging civil society with funding of Oxfam American since 2013
  • CEPO is involved in setting functional Parents and Teachers Associations in Morobo County for strengthening the primary education system since 2013 under funding of ICCCO