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Parliament to form a committee to investigate supply of arms in Lakes State

Juba, August 26th 2014, in an effort to establish facts about the root causes of the increasing cycle of insecurity in Lakes State, the national parliamentarians have summoned the minister of security, defense and the deputy minister of interior to explain why insecurity is on the increase, this is a remarkable effort aimed at scaling down insecurity cases in Lakes state.

Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) appreciates the national parliament for honoring the petition it submitted to the Committee for Peace and Reconciliation in the National Legislative Assembly on 20th June 2014 calling for immediate move to address the insecurity situation in Lakes State.

The Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) Mr. Edmund Yakani said the proposal to form a committee to investigate supply of Arms is paramount since politicizing and militarizing communities for the sake of addressing political grievances is a criminal act and those behind it should not be allowed to walk freely before trial in a competent court of law.

 “The proposal made by the minister of national security for the national parliament to form a committee to investigate the supply of arms to the communities of Lakes state by some politicians is great and it should be taken seriously by the national parliamentarians.”

“Majority of the violent conflict in South Sudan communities are believed to be energized by discontented individuals who have failed to say  publically their intentions but  fuel violence among the communities in order to have an opportunity of lobbying for political position in the government” Yakani added.

However, Minister of National Security said perpetrators of crimes are not brought to justice and that the national government should take charge of the situation.

 In strong terms, CEPO calls upon the national parliament to act quickly on this call   without delays and CEPO will be playing an observation role and will have a say on any progress or delay made.  

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