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Include women for a sustainable peace process in South Sudan- CEPO

22nd April, 2016 (JUBA) – The leadership of South Sudan should ensure that voices of women are included and their participation encouraged in any processes aimed at delivering peace to the country, national organization Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) said today. Women should also be fairly represented in the Transitional Government of National Unity.

At the start of a three-day peace conference with women representatives from faith groups, political parties and civil society organizations, CEPO called for support of the political process, urging all parties to transcend their differences and reach consensus for a free, pluralistic and democratic South Sudan. Decision makers should respect human rights, including gender equality, as well as women’s rights to full political participation in shaping their country’s future. 

Grace John Kenyi, CEPO’s Peace and Governance Manager said women worked day and night to identify solutions to bring back security, rights and dignity to the suffering South Sudanese people.

“Women have a critical role to play in creating the foundations for a sustainable peace and a pluralistic South Sudan based on democracy and respect for human rights.”

The conference is part of CEPO’s long-term efforts to support women and active participation of the civil society in the peace process. Spaces to hear and advance women’s voices and perspectives in peace efforts must be created, in line with recommendations in South Sudan’s peace agreement and the UN’s Security Council Resolutions 1325.

Themed “Women voices should be heard and count for peace and reconciliation’, the conference aims to convey to the peace partners the importance of including women voices and their contribution to efforts leading to forgiveness, healing and reconciliation in South Sudan.