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Advanced preparation is paramount prior the forthcoming dry season

Juba, August 14th 2017, death tolls due to hunger are on increase in some parts of South Sudan. CEPO through media review registered 5 cases of civilians who died due to hunge, over 130 people died of hunger due to the unsuccessful Agricultural season that was disrupted by the on-going violence in the country and this means communities copying mechanism is limited.  

Mr. Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of CEPO is appealing  to the government relevant institutions to call for National Conference in preparation of solutions for addressing   human challenges that will be encountered during the dry season. 

"CEPO  calls for national conference in preparation on addressing human challenges of the dry season. The national conference should between the government and the humanitarian community including development actors both national, international and UN family".

We should get ready to save the lives of our vulnerable population that may face shortage of food during the dry season. Preparing to effective response to hunger incidents during the dry season is critical for us all being government, non-governmental and UN family. Mr. Yakani stressed. Below are some of the registered cases of human lives lost during to hunger;     

1.     On 13. Aug. 2017: Mundri reported 56 people die from hunger in Amadi state: official. At least 56 people had died of starvation in South Sudan’s Amadi State, a top state official said. Amid Governor Joseph Ngere Pachiko told Radio Tamazuj on Friday that the 56 elderly people died of hunger two weeks ago while blaming rebel forces loyal to Riek Machar of blocking the roads in the state.

2.     On 10. Aug. 2017: Ngap-Agok reported Police arrest 33 people found 'stealing' relief food in Tonj state. About 33 people in Ngap-Agok County in South Sudan’s Tonj State has been arrested for allegedly stealing relief food meant to be distributed to hungry villagers. The deputy governor of Tonj state Manim Bol told Radio Tamazuj yesterday that three ring leaders were arrested by police authorities in July for stealing relief food belonging to WFP but they admitted that 30 others were involved in the theft.

3.     On 7th Aug. 2017: Wau reported, Hunger claims 18 lives in Wau state: official. At least 18 people have died of hunger in Besselia County in South Sudan’s Wau State from July until August, a local official said. Besselia County Commissioner Francis Ibrahim told Radio Tamazuj yesterday that his county has been experiencing hunger, amid absence of humanitarian organizations. The commissioner further said they plan to relocate malnourished women and children from Mboro area to Wau town for treatment.

4.     On 4th Aug. 2017. Gemeiza reported, 10 people die of hunger in Gemeiza County, Terekeka State. At least 10 displaced people have died of hunger and other diseases in Gemeiza County in South Sudan’s Terekeka State after fleeing fighting between Dinka Bor youth and local youth in the area over the last three months, a local official said. Gemeiza County Commissioner Henry Lado told Radio Tamazuj on Thursday that at least five people died of hunger while five others died of other diseases in July.

5.     On 1. Aug.2017: Wau reported Hunger kills at least 13 people in Wau state. At least 13 people died from hunger recently in Besseelia County in South Sudan’s Wau state, a local official said.Besselia County Commissioner Francis Ibrahim told Radio Tamazuj on Monday that although the security situation has greatly improved, the humanitarian situation is worsening as people starve due to lack of food.

6.     On 19th July, 2017 Amedi reported Hunger claims more lives in Amadi state.  More than 50 people have died of hunger in parts of South Sudan’s Amadi State, a top state official said while calling on aid agencies to provide food aid in the area. Amadi state governor, Joseph Ngere Pachiko, told Radio Tamazuj on Monday that communities in Yeri, Mvolo and Bahr Girinti counties lack food.

7.     On 20 June, 2017.Buma reported more people die of hunger in Buma state. The Acting Governor of Buma State, Stephen Kony Lanyakol, says five people have starved to death in Turen County over the past two weeks. Deaths due to hunger in the state were first reported early this month in Turen, Morwa and Jebel Buma counties, where 18 people died.

8.     18th April, 2017. Dolo reported three die of hunger in Dolo, commissioner says. South Sudanese refugees queue for food at a reception centre in Arua, in northern Uganda. The Commissioner of Dolo County in Jubek State says three children have died of conditions related to hunger in the area. Lukudu Al Haj Nicola says the children died in an internally displaced people’s camp in the county last week. Mr Lukudu says the displaced people have not received any food assistance since December last year because the area is inaccessible due to insecurity.

9.     On 22nd April, 2017 Buma reported Hunger: 18 died in Likwangole, Buma State. At least 18 people have died of hunger in Likwangole County of Buma state, the Commissioner said. Samuel Ngaricho says the deceased were among 9,000 people displaced from Guno following an attack by cattle raiders in the area. “The displaced people who were attacked from Guno cattle camp are now in Likwangole and they are 9,000 internally displace persons.” Ngaricho said. Mr. Ngaricho says most of those who died were children and three were elderly women. “Their situation is bad because there is no support like yesterday 5 men died 10 children and 3 old women, they are 18 and all of them died of hunger and there is no support”.