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“He was told he was interfering with the state and should he continue with this work, he is most likely to lose his life.” – South Sudanese journalist details threats received by a colleague – 23rd September 2015 – “Journalists in South Sudan are working in one... (more)
Juba, October 11th 2015, the implementation of   South Sudan Peace Agreement reached by the warring parties in August 2015 is back schedule and over 80% of the key milestones in the pre-transitional period are not accomplished. Among the key milestones are   withdrawal of... (more)
Safety and security of journalists is now a major constraint to media freedom in South Sudan, in most cases, journalists and media workers are harassed, intimidated, arbitrarily arrested and detained without trial. Some are killed by unknown persons. This Journalists and media observatory report... (more)
Juba Augusts 14th 2015.   Chief negotiators including Nhial Deng Nhial-SPLM-IG, Taban Deng-SPLM/A-IO and Deng Alor-FD have briefed the IGAD-Plus mediation on the progress and challenges of their discussions since 6th August 2015. They said the main sticky points   are... (more)