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  Press Statement on the killing  Marko Agei Makor Chol in  Tonj. Juba 3rd July 2020. Marko Agei Makor Chol was shot in a road ambush while travelling to Tonj town, according to the former Information Minister of the defunct Tonj state. Community Empowerment for progress Organization... (more)
Checklist for Enhancing Women Influence for Genuine R-ARCSS Implementation June, 2020 Abstract: This paper is intending to amplify some strategies for enhancing better women influence on R-ARCSS implementation. In past all efforts designed for enhancing women influence on peace agreement... (more)
ACT NOW BEFORE IT IS LATE May, 2020 Abstract: This paper is intending to raise an alert of a possible merging threat to human society, livestock and wildlife a results of triple shocks posed by COVID-19 restrictions, locust invasion and floods. The possible destruction will have grave impact on... (more)
LINKAGES BETWEEN COVID-19, HUMAN RIGHTS AND PEACEBUILDING  May, 2020 Abstract: This oversight observation report on the performance of the South Sudan National High level Taskforces in combating the COVID-19 pandemic is for the month of April, 2020. The third month of the national high... (more)