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Two people killed by unknown gunmen in Rumbek


At least two people were killed by unknown gunmen in Rongak in Rumbek Central County on Tuesday.

In an interview with Gurtong in his office on Tuesday morning, the Chief Inspector of Police in Rumbek Central County, Colonel Manasseh Keluel Cindut said that the incident occurred in the evening around 8pm.

“When our security forces and police went to the scene of the incident, they found two people killed and their bodies were brought here at the police before they were taken to the hospital for examination,” said the police inspector.

Manasseh Keluel called on the citizen of Western Lakes State to strictly limit their movements especially during night hours to avoid getting into trouble with criminals.

“There are many criminals inside the State and this does not need people to roam around during night hours,” he said.

Thursday, March 31, 2016 - 00:15
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