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A senior SPLA-IO commander threatens to shoot down civilian plane


On 24.11.2016. Magwi. SENIOR SPLA-IO COMMANDER IN MAGWI COUNTY THREATENED TO SHOOT DOWN CIVILIAN PLANES USE BY SPLA, UNLESS THE AIRLINES HALT SERVICES IN THE AREA.  Juba government with the airliners operating in the country due to the rising insecurity on Nimule-Juba and Torit-Juba roads, have come up with a solution to provide three times a week commercial small planes between Juba and Nimule to airlift both passengers and other essential goods like medicines. Since the government and airliners agreed on alternative measure by air rather than travelers using land transports, the airline business has boosted since they come up with a new route -- air taxi linking Juba, Nimule, Torit and Kapoeta. Among the local airline operators benefiting of the insecurity in the area is “ Jon Star Airline” as ordinary people are subjected to abject poverty inflicted on them by the government, Jon Airline company has taken the advantage of the insecurity is making huge profit. The price for this air-taxi is 100 US dollars per a passenger for one way trip. Meanwhile a man who identified himself as a reconnaissance commander of SPLA-IO in Magwi County area, sternly warns the airline companies operating between Nimule, Juba, Torit and Kapoeta towns to immediately stop using their planes for transporting military assets and personnel, otherwise those planes will be considered as enemy facilities and thus legitimate target for attack! (political motivate case)

Sunday, November 27, 2016 - 22:45
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