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Paramount chief among 15 killed in Manyangok attacks


William Wol, the State Minister of Information, told Radio Tamazuj on Monday that Paramount Chief Albino Mawien Mawut and three others were killed by cattle raiders at Akucheng cattle camp on 26 June. “The paramount chief of Padek Section was killed in an attack on a cattle camp called Akucheng,” he said. Wol further said 11 others were killed in a separate cattle raid carried out by armed men on 25 June. He pointed out that the attackers made away with more than 3,000 cows. The state minister pointed out that the identity of the people behind the attacks remains unconfirmed officially. Alfred Manut, the brother of the slain paramount chief, confirmed the incident. “The incident took place on 26 June. The paramount chief was killed along with three others,” he said. “The attackers made away with six cows only after they killed the paramount chief in Akucheng camp,” he added. Cattle raids have claimed several lives since South Sudan’s independence in 2011. Cattle are a main source of wealth for many communities.


Monday, July 1, 2019 - 00:00
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