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A lorry carrying 15 locals was attacked by 15 men in Uniform


On 30.9.2016:Torit.At approx. 1320hrs an open backed lorry carrying around 15 locals and one prison officer armed with an AK47 was attacked by 15 uniformed and armed gunmen while travelling northeast towards Torit from Magwi. Between Imuork and Chalaro, the gunmen, with a further large number observed in the bush, walked onto the road. The vehicle stopped and the prison officer aimed his weapon at the gunmen who immediately opened fire. As many as could jumped from the truck and fled to the bush. Left behind were the driver, a dead young girl and two injured males. The gunmen then demanded money and personal items from the 3 men and threatened to kill them if they did not hand over their valuables. The gunmen then demanded that the driver go to the hospital so the casualties could receive medical treatment. The Medical Director from Torit State Hospital confirmed that several are in a critical state and may not survive.


Monday, October 3, 2016 - 05:15
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