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Gunmen shoot dead man for $2 in Juba robbery


A man was shot dead in Munuki residential area near Souk Milishia in Juba on Friday for an amount equivalent to about $2, according to neighbors of the dead man.

The neighbors estimated the gunmen were going from house to house threatening and stealing money and other valuables from people. The incident occurred at around 3 am.

When they forcefully entered one of the houses, they found a man who had only 60 South Sudanese pounds and they shot him dead after mocking him for having only 60 pounds.

“Why do you have this small amount of money which cannot buy even a plate of food in a restaurant?” one of armed men said angrily before opening fire on the man.

The gunmen stole the 60 South Sudanese pounds equivalent to 2 US dollars. Residents around Souk Milishia reported that they heard the gunshot around 3 am local time. 

Sunday, February 28, 2016 - 06:45
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