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Armed youth launched an attack in Yirol


On 3.10.2017. YIROL. The incident occurred last Wednesday at Nyinmayar cattle camp of former Aweirial County. The Minister of Information and Communication, Abraham Majak Makur in his official Statement to the media said armed youths from neighboring communities of the State launched an attack on Aliap cattle camp of Nyinmayar and raided a number of cattle leaving seven people dead and ten others wounded among them two teenagers. Makur said the suspected cattle rustlers are believed to be from neighboring communities of Yirol West and East Counties. “Criminals attacked Aliap cattle camp of Nyinmayar and moved away with a number of fifty eight heads of cattle,” he said. Leaving 7 people dead with thirty eight heads of cattle shot dead in a tragic cross fire”, said Majak.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017 - 10:45
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