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6 passengers mysteriously killed in Kapoeta ambush


Authorities in the defunct Kapoeta state are investigating circumstances under which 6 passengers were killed and their bodies burned to ashes in an ambush. The incident happened on Tuesday in the Lupala area between Ngauru County and Kapoeta town.Three people including the driver of the vehicle they were traveling in survived the incident. According to Abdala Eriga—the defunct state the Secretary-General, the deaths include three foreigners. Eriga says the state authorities will investigate the incident in order to prosecute the perpetrators. “A vehicle coming from Ngauro going to Kapoeta was attacked and that resulted in the death of six and one wounded,” he told Eye Radio on Friday. “We have one policeman who boarded the vehicle together with two foreigners – Darfuri and an Eritrean. This is a very barbaric incident, we may agree someone can die in a crossfire, but not to the extent of burning the body. ”The group behind the ambush remains unknown


Friday, June 19, 2020 - 05:15
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