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Funded CEPO on security sector reform through community dialgues, monthly security-citizens’ dialogue
Funded CEPO on Lobbying for comprehensive Bill of rights
Funded CEPO on reduction of comunities dependence on bush meat  and provision of alterative livelihood skills for poachers in the communities such as sustainable fishing 
Funded CEPO on participation in international Gobal Internet conference such as United Nation Gobal Internet Forum-IGF annually 
Funded CEPO on strengtheing legilstaion on internet goverance including advocating for democrtic internet space 
The Inter Church Organization for Development Cooperation. Funded CEPO in training the Parents and Teachers Association and School Mangament Committees role in governing and managing the schools using holistic approach in Mororbo County of Central Equataria.
Funded CEPO on strengthening public accountability, transparency and local governance in Lakes state
CEPO carried policy research on Gender strategic plans implementation for central Equitoria state with funding from Norwegian Peoples Aid. The study was entitled “denial of women engagement and rights caused by gender based violence and women rights violations, central equatorial state in 2011". The study was meant to measure the level of county gender officers in executing the state gender strategic plans at their jurisdiction of work. CEPO was to use the study findings to enable it design the following year’s gender and women rights plans.