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You can suggest an idea here about Community Empowerment for Progress Organization's programs on Security sector reform, democracry and good governance, livelihood, peace and conflict mitigation, Men engaged for gender equality, Youth  and leadership, public expenditure tracking, monitoring social audits and local needs...
Report cases of Sexual and Gender Based Violence, Human Rights abuses and violations, Child labor, community and inter tribal conflicts to CEPO Gender and Human Rights Monitoring Center. For legal aid support and follow up, call +211 918 612 770, or drop an email to or visit our head office in Central Equatoria State Women Union Building, Hai Neem-Juba South Sudan. You can also visit our field offices in the states.  
Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) welcomes interested persons to volunteer in its programs and projects that are currently running. Students seeking to take intership are welcome too. Formore info contact CEPO's Communications Officer on Tel: +211 918 612 770 or to apply online here.  
Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) is looking for financial and technical support from NGOs, a local business men and women and well wishers to contribute their support. Our current priorities include  advocacy on South Sudan NGO laws and the National Security ACT, technical support, meeting venues, and other supplies for meetings and events, more especially the WALK FOR PEACE CAMPAIGN and more. Please contact us here to find out how you can help! E-mail: Tel: +211 918 612 770, +211 928 612 770, +211 957 102 049