11th -Oct - 2023

CEPO Team in the Greater Pibor Administrative Area held a Youth Dialogue on Climate change and Peacebuilding support by IOM.

Youth Forum on Climate Change and Peacebuilding Held in Bor, Jonglei State on 6th –Sept-2023

.Participants Posed for a Group Photo after the closure of the Security Sector Reform Workshop in Juba, South Sudan.

CEPO Director Mr. Edmund Yakani Conveyed a Presentation During Two Days’ Workshop on Security Sector Reform in Juba

Unity FM 89.4 was installed successfully in Lainya County.

Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) Implemented the Project with support from IOM

Journalists attending training on freedom of expression in Juba. Planned by CEPO and UJOSS with support from UNESCO

CEPO Director Mr. Edmund Yakani delivering a speech during Journalists training in Juba, South Sudan.

Community Gathering in Bor.

Participants discussed issues of Trauma and stress in Bor, Jonglei State during a community gathering.

Radio Talk-Show.

CEPO's Team Leader in Bor, Jonglei State conducted Radio Talk-show on Trauma Healing with support from UNDP.

Group Photo.

Participants attending Three days training on Conflict prevention, Transitional Justice, Trauma Healing and leadership skills in Bor Jonglei State with Support from UNMISS.

Attending Interview in Bor, Jonglei State.

CEPO have convened a ‘’Three days Training’’ on Pace Building, Transitional Justice, Human Rights, leadership skills and Chapter 5 of R-ARCSS in Bor, Jonglei State. Supported by UNMISS

South Sudan Vice President Met CEPO Director.

Prof. James Wani Igga applauded Mr Edmund Yakani for having received the ‘‘AFRICA OUTSTANDING PROFESSIONALS AWARDS'' on November 4th -2022, in Addis Ababa.


CEPO Conducted Capacity Building for Students on Writing Business Plan.

Partnership Activity Implemented in Raja County.

Monthly Partners Meeting in Lakes State

CEPO in Partnership with IOM awarded certificates of attendance to over 68 Youth in Wau.

CEPO hosted Civil Military Dialogue in Panyume Payam of Morobo County.

Capacity Building.

Members of non-Government organizations in Rumbek Lakes State were trained by CEPO on evidence based advocacy and lobby on July 2022. Swedish Fellowship for Reconciliation (SWeFOR) supported the training.

Group Photo of Students to undergo e-learning programme

Students oriented on DISH.

DISH is an e-learning platform developed to provide access to Youth and Women to develop Employment skills.

.Conflict Management forum held in Duk Padiet by CEPO and Supported by UNHCR on 25th -May -2022

Three days’ workshop on conversing Rights of Persons with disability conducted by CEPO in Bor, Jonglei State on 19th-May – 2022.

Provision of Support.

CEPO and UNHCR reinforced football teams in Uror County of Jonglei State with football kits on 31st – May - 2022.

Planning Meeting

Internal meeting for the Procurement and Installation of Lainya and Morobo county Fm Radio held CEPO Team in Juba.

CEPO's Director Mr Edmund Yakini addressing a gathering during Women's day in Juba, South Sudan.

Training Workshop.

CEPO conducted one day workshop on Conflict Management for the Community Members of Pieri Payam in Uror County of Jonglei State on 28th -February -2022

Partnership Visit to Mackuach Payam.

CEPO Team In-collaboration with the Ministry of Peace building visited Mackuach Payam of Bor County where the IDPs from Baidit Payam were settled. the two Institutions Intended the visit to understand the Humanitarian needs and Protection mechanism for the IDPS.

Presentation on Anti-Bribery Policy.

CEPO's Governance Manager unpacked the Anti-corruption policy to the General Assembly of South Sudan Human Rights Defenders Network .

CEPO and Church leaders facilitated the Mundari Peace Conference in Juba on 14th Jan-2022, Juba South Sudan..

Pop Francis to Visit South Sudan on 11th-April - 2022.

Hon: Minister of Peace Building Addressing Peace Partners for Jonglei and Pibor Peace Intervention in Juba.

Monday 7th-Feb-2022.

CEPO in-collaboration with Ministry of Peace Building convened Technical working group for Jonglei & Pibor Peace Intervention.

13th- January - 2022

CEPO's Senior facilitator Mr Bismark L Simon Joined a Team of facilitators during the Mundari Community Peace and Reconciliation conference in Juba.

Juba, 11th- 13th -January - 2022.

Three (3) days Community peace and reconciliation conference for the Mundari Community started today in Juba, Supported by the government of CES, Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative, UNMISS and CEPO

2nd - Dec - 2021

CEPO team in Wau conducted dialogue on peaceful coexistence in wau County

23rd-November - 2021

CEPO in collaboration with Family Health International (FHI 360), held discussion on SSD Civic Space for CSO’s and Media work in the Country


Community leaders attending Social Cohesion Dialogue in Duk County, Implemented by CEPO with funding from MDTF through UNHCR..

28th- Sept - 2021.

Forum on Early Warning on Child and Women abduction conducted in Pieri Payam supported by CEPO.


Participants posed for group photo after attending Women's leaders Peace conference in Western Bhar El Ghazal State, Supported by UN WOMEN

Tuesday 17th-August-2021.

CEPO and International Organization for Migration (IOM) handed over a Healthcare Centre to Kabu Community ,


Participants posed for a group Photo after attending HE for SHE dialogue in Rumbek, Lakes State.

.25th -26th - June - 2021.

Government officials of C.E.S attended decentralization dialogue on the implementation of the R-ARCSS

Youth members trained on early warning and response on Data collection regarding Human Rights violations.

28th - April - 2021

CEPO Inaugurated the Transitional Justice Resource Centre (TJRC) in Juba

World Press Freedom Day.

CEPO's Director participated during the commemoration of the International World Press Freedom Day in Juba, South Sudan

Partnership Activity

Participants in Yambio attending a workshop on Decentralization of R-SRCSS Implementation organized by CEPO with support from FRIEDRICK EBERT STIFTUNG . 21st-22nd -April 2021

Advocacy for Disability Mainstreaming Continuous.

CEPO In-partnership with the office of the Vice President for Gender and Youth Cluster continues to advocate for Disability Mainstreaming in South Sudan.

Radio Talkshaw on COVID-19

CEPO Team together with Mr Yano Kenyi Surveillance officer for Central Equatoria State (CES) had discussion on the Impact of COVID-19 on Peace Activities in South Sudan

300 Portable Radios Received by CEPO Team from IOM for distribution to the Northern Bari and Lokiliri Payam in Juba County.

CEPO held Consultation Meeting.

CEPO held consultation gatherings and House to House Survey in the community of Lokiliri and Luri Payam of Juba County. the activity aimed at distribution of wind up Radios.

Consider Persons with Disability.

Participant Speaking on the Inclusion and Participation of persons with Disability in all sectors in the Republic of South Sudan.

Dialogue on Disability Mainstreaming.

CEPO in partnership with Light for the World held a dialogue advocating for disability mainstreaming in South Sudan.

CEPO Director addressing Participants in Wau on the new road to Democracy Preparation.

Amadi FM 93.8 for the Community of Greater Mundri is functioning. Installed by CEPO with CEPO from UNESCO

Youth groups in Wau trained on tailoring activity by CEPO with support from IOM

CEPO work with IOM in provision of livelihood activities to Youth groups in Wau.

2nd-Nov - 2020. CEPO launches Economic Empowerment Activities for gang groups in Wau.

CEPO, and IOM Paid a Visit to Lokiliri Payam and discussed Project Implementation on Peace Solidarity

CEPO, Media Authority and UNESCO validated the Code of Conduct for the practice of Journalism in South Sudan.

CEPO and IOM Launches a project on Peace Promoting and Solidarity in the face of COVID-19 for Juba, Bentiu and Wau.

.Form State Goverment.

In a press conference held on 29th - 10 - 2020, Juba South Sudan. CEPO Director Mr Edmund Yakani called for formation of State and Local Government.

CEPO finishes Installation of Amadi FM 93.8 for the Community of Greater Mundri.

CEPO Conducted Digital Advocacy and Communication Training for Partners in Wau. (Supported by Oxfam)

CEPO Sends off Amadi Radio 93.8 FM for its final fixing during a Press Statement in Juba South Sudan. (Funded by UNESCO)

Awareness Activity On Gender Based Violence.

Juba, 3rd - July - 2020.

Civil Society Organizations attend conflict sensitivity lobby and advocacy on COVID-19 in Juba, Torit and Yambio organized by CEPO.

CEPO, South Sudan National Police Services and UNDP Inaugurates Special Protection Unit Headquarters in Juba.

CEPO Work with Partners.

.17th - June - 2020, CEPO, National Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare and SSPS held join meeting to tackle GBV in the Country.



Participants Attending Briefing on HAGIGA WAHID Project to Counter Hate-speech and Rumors in the Society ( Implemented by CEPO)

CEPO work with partners like Media Authority and UNESCO in Media related activities.

CEPO Sensitized the Arch-Bishops and Bishops of ECS in Juba on the 100 days Extension of the Pre-Transitional Period and Status of R-ARCSS.

Editors and Stations Managers Workshop.

CEPO work together with South Sudan Media Authority to strengthen the role of Media and Journalists in South Sudan.

Women Discusses 35% Affirmative Action in the R_ARCSS.

CEPO work with Partners to make Women understand how to lobby for Women representation in TGoNU

Know Your laws.

Journalist and owners of Media houses are advised to understand the laws of South Sudan, Hon. Deputy Minister of Information, Communication and Postal Services told Editors and Station Managers during two days partnership Activity in Juba South Sudan.

USIAD Acting Deputy Assistant for Administrator Mr Johnathan concludes his Visit to CEPO office in Wau.

Workshop on Peace concludes in Tali County.

7th - 8 - 2019, CEPO conducted two days activity to promote Peace in Tali County, its our responsibility to promote peaceful coexistence within the communities in South Sudan.

CSO's Network Members from Bor, Torit and Wau attending In-Country Learning and Exchange Visit in Juba.

Hagiga Wahid Project will address false and Misinformation in the South Sudan Communities


Peace Begins With the Truth.

Community Ambassadors trained on Hagiga Wahid Peace building project in Juba South Sudan and CEPO is implementing the project with Support from Sentinel Project.

Partnership Activity.

31st July 2019, CEPO in collaboration with National Pre-Transitional Committee (NPTC) held stakeholders workshop focusing on developing Framework for National Reconciliation and Healing.

Partnership Event.

26th- July - 2019, CEPO and SDSR-B held one day focus group discussion on Security Sector Reform as stipulated in the R-ARCSS.

CSO's have a role in Security Sector Reform.

CEPO is implementing a project on strategic partnership in Wau, Bor, Torit and Juba funded by Oxfarm GB

Partnership Activity.

26th-June - 2019, CEPO Executive Director speaking in a stakeholders workshop on a join Dissemination of R-ARCSS organized by CEPO and NPTC in Juba.

Reduce Threats on Wildlife at Badingilo Park

CEPO In Collaboration with Wildlife Conservation Society(WCs) convened 12 days training for 8 Bomas of Gemeiza County, the training aims at reducing consumption of bush meat and selling of wildlife products

Group work.

On the second day of the peace building practitioners Training, Participants are put in groups to discuss evidence based advocacy and lobby when dealing with human rights documentation.

Peace Building training.

CEPO South Sudan & ceasefire center for civilian rights held training on monitoring violation and early warning for prevention supported by UK Aid

Partnership Activity.

CEPO in Partnership with Ceasefire Centre for Civilian rights is conducting three days activity on Peace building.

CEPO Executive Director delivering his Speech at the launching of SSHRDN in Juba on 7th of June 2019 in Juba.

Women Peace Ambassadors trained in Bor by CEPO.

CEPO work with UNESCO to strengthen Journalists Reporting on the R-ARCSS

CEPO work in Partnership with Committee of Information, Communication and Technology in the TNLA and South Sudan Media Authority to ensure Effective Media in SSD

CEPO trained Women Peace Ambassadors Wau

CEPO work with Women to lobby for the implementation of 35% Affirmative Action per the R-ARCSS.

CEPO held Peace dissemination activity in Wau.

14th- 03 - 2019, Head of UNITAR Hiroshima office met CEPO head office to understand priorities and explore opportunities for collaboration with CEPO.

CEPO conducted peace and confidence building forum in area named Ngo-Dakalla 30km from Wau town with Support from UNIMISS

EAC Civil Society members are in Juba for peace building organized by CEPO.

CEPO work in partnership with Media houses and media Deve't organizations to commemorate the World Radio day on 13th Feb every year.

CEPO and its Partners in yambio Empower Community members to Prevent Sexual Exfoliation Abuse in the communities.

Mrs Grace John Kenyi represented CEPO at Gender is my Agenda Campaign 2019 Pre-Summit event / 33rd GIMAC Meeting in Addiss Ababa Ethiopian.

Grace John Kenyi delivering her speech at the 8th- Citizens Continental Conference, 4th - 7th 2019 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

We build the Capacities of Youth on Conflict Mitigation, and resolution by offering three Months training.

R-JMEC Gender Advisor

Ms. Chantal Niyokindi delivering presentation to over 60 journalists on Gender provisions of R-ARCSS on returnees, refuges and IDP’s.

R-JMEC Gender Advisor

Ms. Chantal Niyokindi delivering presentation to over 60 journalists on Gender provisions of R-ARCSS on returnees, refuges and IDP’s.

We work to build Youth Capacities in Peace building, conflict and mediation.

Award of Certificates.

CEPO ward Certificates to 133 Young South Sudanese for successful finishing three months Training in areas of Peace, dialogues and Mediation.

CEPO organized Journalists workshop on Accurate reporting on IDPS, Refugees and Returnees 24th -25th Jan - 2019

CEPO Wau Branch held Debriefing workshop informing the visual Impaired persons about the R-ARCSS.

We build Community capacities in conflict Mitigation and resolution.

We do awareness activities on 35% women participation in the R-ARCSS.

CEPO held 16 days of Activism in Torit..

CEPO conducted number of activities following the 2018 Activism period under the Theme: End gender based violence in the world of Work!

CEPO held campaign to mark the 16 days of activism to Eliminate Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Yambio Town.

CEPO held number of events in Wau to Mark the 16 days of activism to end GBV.

CEPO Kicked Off 16 days of Activism in Wau.

CEPO held clean up campaign to stop Gender Based Violence against Women following the 16 days of activism to eliminate GBV.

CEPO Kicked Off 16 days of Activism in Wau.

CEPO in collaboration with State Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare launched a number of activities to mark the 16 days of Activism in Wau. The launching witnessed a parade by various groups including Women, Youth , organized forces and School going children.

CEPO Work with Partners to build journalists skills.

CEPO held two days event with Journalists, Opinion writers and Analyst to build their reporting skills on the Implementation of R-ARCSS.

CEPO Work with Partners to build journalist reporting skills on the Implementation of R-ARCSS.

We Empower Women on peace and governance issues inn order to contribute positively in Development.

CEPO launches women’s peace and security forum in Bor town.

Group session on confidence and trust building on security sector reform in Juba.

CEPO and National working group held confidence and Trust Building forum in juba

CEPO and National working group held confidence and Trust Building forum in juba

We work on building local capacities for Peaceful Co-existence

CEPO launches foundation for Cooperative Society in Juba South Sudan

South Sudan National Chpater for AU ECOSOCC Launched.

Forum on 35% women participation held in Juba by Stautus of Women Intiative

Status of Women Intiative Held a Forum.

Status of Women Initiative held one day forum on implementation of Affirmative Action of 35% for women Strategy, 2018-2020.

Public awareness event aimed at stopping GBV.

Residents of High Game areas attending public campaign organised by CEPO to fight/ stop GBV in the society.

Discourage GBV in our Communities.

Let all the South Sudanese Communities work towards stopping GBV is our society. CEPO held the 2nd public campaign to stop GBV in High Game Residential Area on 22nd -9 - 2018 in Juba South Sudan

Massive campaign to Stop GBV

A campaign to Stop Gender based violence in the communities was organized by CEPO. The campaign was done in High Game residential Area. on 22nd of September 2018.

CEPO Director Mr Edmund Yakani briefed the VISTAS Staff on the R-ARCSS.

Awareness briefing on R-ARCSS.

CEPO Director briefed VISTAS Staff on R-ARCSS. The meeting went well and the Staff of VISTAS were able to ask CEPO whether the Local community is very much aware about the signed Peace agreement.

Stop GBV in our Communities.

We do community awareness activities on Gender based violence (GBV) to educate our citizens .

Mabor Maker Dhelbeny, winner of the Second Annual Gender Based Violence (GBV) Award in 2017

Mabor Maker was awarded by Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) for his efforts in fighting Sexual GBV in the country through his writings in Juba.

Join Awareness Activity on GBV.

This activity is a join program that brought together South Sudan National Police services and other organized forces to fight issues of GBV. CEPO isworking with the security apparatus to reduce cases of GBV.

Capacity Building Program.

CEPO is involved in training the South Sudanese Youth in Mediation, Negotiation and Dialogue skills. The capacity programs runs for three Months and Certificate is awarded to the Students at the end of the course.

Examining students who have undergone a three months course on Mediation, Negotiation and Dialogues.

CEPO Centre for Mediation, Negotiation and dialogues in Juba is engaged in training Young South Sudanese youth to acquire skills and knowledge on conflict resolution at community level.

Livelihood Activity in POCs

CEPO is involved livelihood activities with the IDPs in Protection of Civilians site (POCs )in UNMISS Compound Juba South Sudan. The experiment in the the photo is Liquid Soap Making.

CEPO office in Wau facilitated the Inter political parties and intellectuals peace dialogue from 4th -6th – 9 - 2018.

More than 12 women were trained in Wau by CEPO As Peace Ambassadors on 31st of August -2018

More than 12 women were trained in Wau by CEPO As Peace Ambassadors.

31st of August 2018, CEPO officially launched the Centre for women Rights and Empowerment Wau.

31st of August 2018, CEPO officially launched the Centre for women Rights and Empowerment Wau.

. Grass root campaign in Kor-wolyang to stop BGV

Massive Campaign to eliminate Gender Based Violence

CSO's Security Actors forum accomplished well in Bor

CSO's security actors forum on Community and individual safety and security was completed well in Bor on 23th of August 2018 .Under the title the Role of security actors on inter-clan conflict management and mitigation implemented by Jonglei Civil Society Organizations network through support

Terekeka State chiefs, cattle Camp leaders and community members were trained by CEPO with support from UNMISS.

The Executive Director of Lokiliri County Mr Martin received the over 22 files in CEPO office on behalf of the Lokiliri Chiefs.

Status of Women Initiative (SOWI) a department within CEPO organized a discussion on 10th August on strategies for Public Sensitization on the 35% granted to South Sudan Women in ARCSS.

CEPO Trained the Executive chiefs of Lokiliri County on the Local Government Act 2009.The training brought 11 chiefs of Lokiliri County both old and the newly elected chiefs.

CEPO Conducted a youth Leadership Refresher training on GBV and Engendering peace and Security in Jubek State.

Rumbek- Police Community relation Committee and Community Security working group convened a meeting to review Community Action Plan and raise awareness on small arms

CEPO gained AU-ECOSOCC General Assembly member as the first South Sudanese civil society

Chiefs and Youth/Children during Community Peace dialogue between Mayom and Matangai Payams in Rumbek

CEPO deployed domestic observers to monitor the elections of Members of Parliament to East African Legislative Assembly.

Officers from different Police Training units attended a course on Human Rights: Safety & Protection of Journalists and Freedom of Expression

Dialogue session on security challenges women /Girls face in relations to security Agenda in western Bahr EL Gahzal state

CEPO advances Democratic Transformation by working to increase the number of girl child in Sudan's education sector

We strengthen local governance by engaging non-state actors in dialogues to enhance government accountability to communities

CEPO's adult literacy empowers women to learn to read and write. We believe that ”when you educate a women you educate a nation”

CEPO engages in sustainable income generating activities, such as soap-making, to support displaced people in South Sudan

EU Representatives Speaking during the conference Launching

We strengthen local national security policy by organizing community dialogues between security sector forces and local communities

We strengthen Democratic Transformation, Good Governance, Conflict Mitigation, Justice and Accountability.

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