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Mr. Bona Michael Duot

Mr. Bona Michael Duot
M & E Officer

Mr. Bona is a South Sudanese national with experience in Cross-mission representation, monitoring and facilitation , confidence-building, conflict management and support to reconciliation.

However,He has desiminated variuos activities in working with communities within & around south sudan for the last 4 years while studying.He has been a member of MODEL UNITED NATION (MUN) a kenyan chapter that emulates the United Nation general assembly.

Currently, Mr. Bona works as the head of M&E; and he has been able to develop an M&E system development and process , for creating a framework and procedures for the monitoring and evaluation of project activities. In addition, he provides assistance to other staff  program officers in clarifying project information needs; supports project/program staff on ways to properly document, organize and capture program progress, manages M&E Officers while they create and revise tools and data collection procedures like logical framework, project performance tracking, indicators, data flow chart, M&E manuals; and

reviews the performance of existing management information systems to help identify potential modifications or resources.

Mr.Bona has a  Masters in International relations and diplomacy, a graduate Diploma in international relations and diplomacy and an Advanced Diploma in business management from Cambridge association of managers.