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UN official demands AU report on S. Sudan crimes

Juba, January 15th 2015, United Nations Assistant Secretary General for Human Rights Ivan Simonovic has called AU commission of Inquiry to release its report on human rights violations   committed in South Sudan during the conflict that erupted in mid-December 2013 in Juba and spread to other parts of South Sudan. 


The Executive Director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) Mr. Edmund Yakani urge United Nations to push for the release of the report so that justice takes its course.

“In strong terms CEPO feel that UN should seriously push for the release of the report. Silence for the release of the report by UN means a lot in regards to delay and denial of justice and accountability for the public of South Sudan”. 


AU head of states are well known for delaying and denying its citizens justice and accountability on the pretext of maintaining peace and stability which always directly benefit them than the citizens of member states, Yakani reiterated.

He said CEPO share the same stress of UN and the description made by Ivan Simonovic as “a very disturbing development”.


Enforcing the law as response to the committed human rights offence is a different step but it should not be watered down during the AU summit. The stand of AU head of states should be straightforward in recommending for immediate provision of justice and accountability.


United Nations should ensure that, the report of African Union Commission of Inquiry should be released and made public in the AU Summit of January 30th to 31st 2015 since it will demonstrate acknowledgment and recognition of human rights atrocities committed by perpetrators.


About CEPO,

CEPO is engaged in the areas of Peace and conflict mitigation, human rights, rule of law, livelihood, governance and democratic transformation. It’s neutral, non–partisan and non–religious and is based on the principle of community empowerment and inclusive participation. Its core values are Commitment, Accountability and Transparency (CAT).