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South Sudan's Warring Parties Resume Peace Negotiation

South Sudan warring parties have centered the negotiation on power sharing in this round of talks mediated by IGAD plus in the quest   to end the 20 months of fighting that has befell the country.  The talks appeared to hit some bumps in the road as both the government and armed opposition demand a bigger slice of power in the Transitional Government than what the mediators have offered.

Mr. Edmund Yakani Executive Director of CEPO says the focus on power sharing by the warring parties should not block the commitment to reach a peace deal by 17th August 2015. He urges the warring parties to reach peace deal per the given date since delaying peace accord because of power sharing is not logical as it demonstrates the greed for political power   more than the safety and protection of the civilians’ lives and property.  

“All south Sudanese at their various capacities are standing that peace should be reached by the South Sudan Negotiating parties.  South Sudan needs peace for the sake of stability. The focus on power sharing distribution   should not hinder the commitment to reach peace accord by 17th August 2015”. 

He further says the negotiating parties are using power sharing approach to reach   figures of political power distribution.  Whatever figure either of the party uses to win the political power dominance will not succeed if there is no will for peaceful settlement of the political difference between the warring parties.  The use of 70% verse 20% or 45% verse 40% will not give confidence to any of the warring parties. The only need issue is resolving the political difference by creating a play ground for political and constitutional governed state.