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South Sudan President gave positive remarks on Kampala Convention

Juba 9th July, 2017. Speech by H.E. the President Kiir On the Occasion of the 6th Independence Anniversary was encouraging and motivating on issue of the National Dialogue and specifically on the issue of ratifying the African Union Convention known as Kampala Convention, on the protection and assistance of Internally Displaced persons. Quoting our President statement “we are actively engaged in the process of ratifying the African Union Convention, also known as the Kampala Convention, on the Protection and Assistance of Internally Displaced Persons. These efforts are aimed at the speedy return and protection of our people who are displaced”. Community Empowerment for Progress Organization was impressive with this message. It is absolutely great and encouraging message.

Mr. Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of CEPO says standing for frank, open, honest and patriotic debate during the national dialogue is key principle of resolving political difference non-violently. The on-going is causing more harm on human lives and properties. It should be resolve immediately in non-violent manner. His Excellency President confirmation for active engagement on the process of ratifying the African Union Convention known as Kampala Convention today to the public is the message of the Independence Day for us in CEPO. Thank you Your Excellency President for assuring us that soon Kampala Convention will be ratify. It is a clear demonstration of commitment for ensuring that our internal displaced persons issues are not forgotten in finding solutions to our problems. Further, it is a positive response to our advocacy and lobby

Ratifying and operationalizing Kampala Convention should be a priority for us since we have Hugh population as internal displaced persons (IDPs). Kampala Convention offers us best options for protecting and assistance our IDPs. It is also a tool for lobby regional and international for addressing IDPs priorities. Mr. Yakani stressed

Finally, CEPO is urging for urgent stoppage of the violence and speedy action on resolving the political difference non-violently. Time has come for all conflicting parties of South Sudan to avail political will and good faith politics for making peace prevail in our beloved country South Sudan. Let us all stand up against hate speech. Hate speech is destructive and divisive. Unity of South Sudanese is above any interest