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Report on the Status of R-ARCSS Implementation.


March, 2020

Abstract: This piece of advocacy paper is sharing the common citizens opinions collected from various public gathers such as community event, public prayer, workshops and key informants interviews on the recent formed revitalized transitional government of national unity presidency.

The paper is intending to communicate to the recent established revitalize transitional government presidency what the common citizens expect the formed revitalized transitional government presidency to deliver as quick dividends of economic, security and livelihood recovery.

The common citizens are expecting the recent formed revitalized transitional presidency to designed clear political vision, transparent financial and revenue governance, and rule of law and fiscal devolution of powers from the center to the local government level.

Majority of the common citizens said they are still doubting if the transitional government of national unity will operate differently from the previous governments from 2005-2013, where corruption is rampant, inadequacy in service delivery and no clear political vision for responding to citizens expectations.


Across the country from various public events that CEPO data collectors attended for collecting the common citizen’s opinions on the recent formed revitalized transitional presidency. The following impressions were expressed;    

The revitalized transitional presidency should immediate engage in developing practical, realistic and functional political vision for delivering the transitional period 2020-2023. This vision should be an instrument for guiding the functions of the revitalized transitional government of national unity. Already some documents are available at hand for informing the development of this vision. Among the key available documents are South Sudan Vision 2040, The National Development Strategy and the Framework for Recovery and Resilience

The revitalized presidency should operate as council where decision-making is much based on consensus than individual or group of individuals imposed decision. This should be an act for regaining trust and confidence for new political interaction.

The revitalized transitional presidency should be utilize as coordination mechanism for sorting out political challenges facing the functionality of the revitalized transitional government of national unity

The operation of the council of ministers clusters should be de-politicized by the revitalized transitional government presidency

Transparent financial and revenue governance system for funding the peace agreement implementation from the generated national revenue should developed by the presidency


Majority of the common citizens at the sub-national and local government levels prioritized the immediate promotion of the social cohesion as an instrument of regaining trust for attainment of peaceful and nurturing attitudes towards forgiveness and reconciliation as a paramount.  They further demand realization of accountability and justice. They requested the following action to be undertaken by the revitalized transitional presidency;

Taking political pledge for genuine implement the peace  agreement (R-ARCSS) provisions in order to win public trust and confidence on (R-ARCSS). 

Fostering efforts for securing genuine enforcement of rule of law, individual and community security and safety.

Prioritize deliverance of social services to the citizens more than funding political events around presidency such as expensive travels abroad, public gathering events, expensive mobility means (vehicles).

Creating conducive conditions for voluntary and dignified return and reintegration of returnees.


The informed section of the common citizens across the country strongly believed that without clear and functional political will and commitment for embracement of transparency and fight corruption during the transitional period 2020-2023 making sound difference from the past transitional period is minimum,  Majority demanded that the revitalized presidency should act on the followings;  

Use available recommendations made by World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) for developing practical and functional framework for enhancing transparency and fighting corruption.

Implement the recommendations on transparent national revenue governance  

Strengthen the public account committee in the national parliament for effective oversight on the use of public funds.  

Operationalized the function of the National General Auditor and Anti- Corruption Commission.


Early start of the process on drive inclusive and participatory engagement on the proposed legislation and policy reforms by the peace agreement is required. Majority of the citizens raised a call for their effective engagement on the reforms. The citizens demanded the revitalized transitional presidency to;    

The revitalized transitional parliament should fast-track the proposed reforms in the peace agreement.

The revitalized transitional parliament should play its oversight role effectively without so much affiliation to the executive organ of the government.

The revitalized transitional government should get engage on conduct regular constituency dialogues as a strategy of get common citizens views on the administration of the transitional government of national unity.


Majority of the citizens’ focuses to raised short terms recommendations to be accomplish by the formed revitalized transitional presidency;     

The Revitalized Transitional Government Presidency should speed up financing of the security arrangements for unification of forces processes. 

The Revitalized Transitional Government Presidency should hold urgent retreat for framing a clear national political roadmap that defines the political vision and priorities for the transitional period 2020.

The Revitalized Transitional Government Presidency should restate the dismissed judges by the president in July 2017.

The Revitalized Council of Ministers Clusters should develop cluster working vision, develop clear Terms of Reference and priorities before budgeting for the transitional period 2020

The Revitalized Transitional Government Presidency should enforce rule of law,  justice and accountability.

Once the Revitalized Transitional State Governments are formed, there is should be focus on enhancement of social cohesion among the various communities for regaining the trust and confidence for sorting out the broken social fabric.

The Revitalized Transitional Government Presidency should enforce the agreed upon affirmative action 35% for women without any violation.     

The adequate financing of local government institutions should be prioritize as principle of quick services delivery, economic and stability recovery.

The Revitalized Transitional Government Presidency and the state government should adapt clear plan for Return and Reintegration of the Returnees.

The Revitalized Transitional Government Presidency should ensure that political space for freedom of expression and media engagement should not be restrictive.


CEPO will be using this piece of advocacy paper during meetings with the established Revitalized 1Transitional Government Presidency for the requesting the presidency to consider the voices of the common citizens during their meeting on the implementation of the peace agreement (R-ARCSS). CEPO initiative of South Sudan We Want Dialogue will continue facilitating regular gathering of the public opinion for advocacy and influencing the government of national unity institutions throughout the transitional period 2020-2023.  


This piece of small advocacy paper is intended for generating new thinking for administering the transitional period 2020 in South Sudan.

The past transitional period have not met the expectations of the public as the public wished,  for this reason, CEPO under the initiative of the South Sudan We Want Dialogue picked up interest for championing advocacy for amplifying the voices of the common citizens for the attention of the top political leadership of the country.

This piece of advocacy paper will be shared with the established Revitalized Transitional Government Presidency for consideration. The majority of the citizens doubt if the presidency will enforce the 35% for women genuinely since the political parties’ women establishment are not effectively engaged on lobby and advocacy for claiming their political participation and representation. Finally, CEPO is calling for effective assessment of the various government institutions immediately after the formation of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution in South Sudan         

 ABOUT THE SOUTH SUDAN WE WANT DAILOGUE (SSWWD): This is a civic engagement platform initiated by CEPO for bringing the citizens at the center of the implementation of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan  from 2020-2023. SSWWD is a strategy for promoting citizens ownership of the peace agreement and avail chance for citizens to proper check and balance on the revitalized transitional government of national unity commitment for delivering the peace agreement