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Press Statement on the killing of Journalist.


Press Statement on the killing  Marko Agei Makor Chol in  Tonj.

Juba 3rd July 2020. Marko Agei Makor Chol was shot in a road ambush while travelling to Tonj town, according to the former Information Minister of the defunct Tonj state. Community Empowerment for progress Organization in strong terms condemn the killing of the journalist and CEPO calls for the state authorities to investigate the motive behind the killing and bring the perpetrators to book.

Mr. Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of CEPO said, the trend of killing Journalists in South Sudan is not wanted and it require urgent move of the state authorities for its stoppage. Killing a Journalist means denying the public accurate for public consumption and this is unaccepted act

It is time to honor and respect journalists across the country because they play essential role in shaping the public information for transforming our society from violence to peace,  from corruption to transparency and from being divided to being united in diversity Mr Yakani stressed 

To end, CEPO urge the authority in Tonj to urgently investigate the incident and we (CEPO) wish the family of Late Journalist Markor Agei Marko condolence and let his soul rest in Internal Peace.