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Press Statement on the ban of Singing National Song.


Juba 23rd July, 2019. President Salva Kiir has banned singing of the national anthem in any public event in his absence. The directive was announced by the minister of information after the weekly cabinet meeting at the weekend. Michael Makuei siad the national song is being misused, especially by government officials. Makuei added that, President Kiir has also directed that all commanders in their respective forces to quit speaking at public functions. “They have the choice either to leave the uniform and go to the public and be a politician and be free to talk in public rallies,” Makuei said.

Community Empowerment for Progress Organization is disturbed by the directive on banning the use of the national anthem by anybody apart from the president. National anthem is one of the indicators for citizens’ ownership of the national and affiliation to the nation.  Schools students, Boy Scouts, girl guards and South Sudanese in front of foreigners in foreign events all can identified themselves with national anthem plus other occupation. Being proud of your nation is by owning or demonstration affiliation by singing national anthem or holding national flag publically.

In respective and honorable manner CEPO is urging the office of the president to allow citizens to have free affiliation to the nation by owning the national anthem. It is true that the national anthem sometime is abuse by others. It is good to define all acts that constitute abuse of national anthem than banning citizens by owning the national anthem by using it publically

In separate note, CEPO appreciates and welcome the president directive for men and women in state Defense and Security uniform to stop speaking in political events. This is remarkable directive for separating politics from Defense and Security. It was a seriously observed across the country where some individuals are engaged in militarizing politics and politicking military for personal gain. H.E. the President has made rightful decision.

Mr. Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of CEPO said as voter of H.E. President that, the use of the national anthem publically should not be restricted for the citizens.  Secondary Schools students, boy scouts and so on should be allowed to use the national anthem. However, the directive for banning the presence of persons in defense and security uniform in political events is appreciated.