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Lakes state communal attacks

Juba, 14th January 2015, the revenge attacks   in Lakes state is increasing the cycle of violence   among the communities, this is perturbing and disconcerting. In strong terms, CEPO condemn all acts of attacking and killings among the communities of Lakes state

In strong terms, CEPO calls upon representatives of Lakes state in the national parliament to take the situation of the violent fighting among the communities serious during the recess   so as to end the inter communal violence.

The Executive Director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) Mr. Edmund Yakani  said the Council of States and the National Parliamentarians from Lakes State should take the issue seriously and find solution that will make the community members to live in peace and harmony otherwise they stand chance of being question in a competent court of law.

“The Council of states should take serious steps in finding solution to end the cycle of   violence among the communities of lakes state that is claiming lives of the people. The silence of the council of states on the situation of Lakes state demonstrates that, it is not playing its expected    duties and responsibilities stipulated by the Transitional Constitution of South Sudan, 2011 article 59 (f) which state that Council of States shall legislate for the promotion of a culture of peace, reconciliation and communal harmony among all the people of the states”.

It is a constitutional right of CEPO as entity compose of South Sudanese to question the National Parliamentarians from Lakes State and Council of state in a competent court of law if the violent conflict that is claiming lives is not resolved as stipulated in Transitional Constitutional article 20 “The right to litigation shall be guaranteed for all persons; no person shall be denied the right to resort to courts of law to redress grievances whether against government or any individual or organizationYakani added.          

Finally, CEPO calls upon the leadership of the country to respond urgently to the situation the communities of Lakes state are facing. The cycle of the revenge attacks among the communities   should be stopped immediately.

Several actors tried to intervene so as to resolve the communal conflict but their efforts seem not to be yielding some fruits.