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Kampala & Khartoum held Talks on South Sudan War

The governments of Sudan and Uganda held talks in Entebbe on the IGAD peace process aimed at ending the civil war in South Sudan alongside the ongoing negotiation in the Ethiopian Capital Addis Ababa.   

Mr. Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of CEPO says both Khartoum and Kampala have played negative role on the search for peace   since they are influencing and promoting war agenda in South Sudan.

“Both Khartoum and Kampala are influencing the agenda of war in South Sudan, their decision to ensure that   peace prevails in South Sudan is paramount but they should not use such talks to promote war propaganda that will encourage the warring parties to use confrontational military approach for resolving the conflict”.

Yakani further says the belief on regime change by Khartoum and the use of military strategy to end the conflict by Kampala is not healthy for the growth and prosperity of South Sudan. The attitude of pushing South Sudan to proxy war by Khartoum and Kampala is absolutely not right   as it contributes to human rights atrocities. Fueling violent conflict in South Sudan is against the international law norms; Sudan and Uganda should better stand    for realization of peace in South Sudan.