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Induction workshop held for EALA parliamentarians in Juba

Juba, August 24th 2017, representatives of South Sudan to East Africa Legislative Assembly attended an induction workshop organized by Community Empowerment for Progress Organization CEPO. Speaking during the opening of the induction workshop, Rt. Hon. Speaker of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly of South Sudan urge the elected members of parliament to put South Sudan interest first and concetrate on the country's strategic plan.

However, the Manager for Center for Advocacy and Lobyy, an initiative in CEPO Alimure Ali said since South Sudan joined the East African Community, civil society organizations have not seen the strategic plan of the country detailing how the citizens could benefit from the regional bloc.

The government needs a clear roadmap that will allow the citizens to directl communicate with the elected representatives of the EALA. He further said CEPO will create a platform 'Speak to your East African Assembly' in Juba to allow citizens interact with the MP elct.