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Human Rights Monitoring Agenda on COVID-19 in South Sudan

Human Rights Monitoring Agenda on COVID-19 in South Sudan.

16th – April – 2020.

The Republic of South Sudan just like the rest of the world is fighting the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. Remarkably, efforts have been deployed by the government of South Sudan in order to observe and prevent the spread of corona virus pandemic in the country.

Among the key measures, guidelines issued by the government of South Sudan Ministry of Health and WHO are: washy your hands with soap, avoid social gathering such as weddings, church gathering, parties and sports activities, avoid grouping by using social distancing, close of entry points, airport and restriction of movement within states by plans, or roads,  including water transport and limiting the number of employees to essential staff.

CEPO as a human Rights and advocacy organization is hereby releasing key guidelines on Human Rights protection priorities to combat COVID-19 pandemic. It is therefore, CEPO’s expectation that the Human Rights protection priorities list here would be strictly hindered to and observed by all actors working to combat COVID-19 Pandemic in South Sudan. CEPO commits to track and report on a regular basis any violation that is not in line with international Humanitarian Law and Human Rights.

  1. The right to non-discrimination and non-racism during humanitarian and other forms of response.
  2. Freedom from xenophobic attacks, hate speech and stigmatization.
  3. Freedom of Expression and Media.
  4. The right of Access to Information.
  5. The right to Data Protection.
  6. The right of persons with disabilities and elderly. 
  7. Protection of women and children as front liners   from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  8. The rights of journalists to protection and safety during coverage of information on COVID-19 pandemic. 
  9. The right to voluntary and dignified return of Internal Displaced Persons.
  10. Prohibition from hostile propaganda of incitement of violence.
  11. Protection of women economic rights.
  12. Arbitrary arrest and detention.
  13. The right to health care.
  14. The right to adequate standard of living. 
  15. Freedom from all forms of sexual gender based violence including violence against Women. 
  16. Freedom from harassment and intimidation.
  17. The right to life.