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Delays in implementing peace timeline sets a drawback

Juba, October 11th 2015, the implementation of   South Sudan Peace Agreement reached by the warring parties in August 2015 is back schedule and over 80% of the key milestones in the pre-transitional period are not accomplished. Among the key milestones are   withdrawal of militias and foreign military allies to the either party signatory to the peace agreement.

The Executive Director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) Mr. Edmund Yakani has said the current atmosphere does not demonstrate that the signatories to the Peace Agreement are interested in timely implementation of the peace agreement as several provisions are being violated.  

“Since the signing of the Compromise Peace agreement, more violations   were registered than the expected accomplishments of the key milestones. Provision per article 1(1) of Chapter two of the peace agreement on permanent ceasefire was extremely violated”.

Yakani further said signatories to the Peace Agreement have the primary responsibility of implementing the provisions however, the slow move in implementing the pre-transitional milestones demonstrate lack of commitment by the warring parties to resolve their political difference.  

In strong terms CEPO urges IGAD and AU Peace and Security Council to have a say on the delay in implementation of the Peace Agreement. It is the friends of IGAD Plus from the International Community that have timely say on the matters associated with the implementation of the peace agreement more than IGAD and AU Peace and Security Council.

The parties to the peace agreement should demonstrate good gesture for timely and effective implementation of the peace agreement provisions.