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December 31, 2013 - CEPO Press Statement


Dr. Riek Machar has declared his commitment by sending delegation to Addis Ababa for talks that is meant to cease hostilities, this is a positive move and CEPO appreciates it greatly.

The current political crisis South Sudan is undergoing does not require the conflicting parties to use military confrontation approach for resolving it as the cost of war is very expensive and South Sudan has just walked out of war that lasted for 21 years.

Speaking to CEPO communication Officer, the Executive Director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization CEPO Mr. Edmund Yakani said “Disagreement on political leadership and style of governance do happen in every country, but the best practice for resolving such political disagreement or friction is through non-violent and peaceful manner that cannot do away with lives of innocent citizens”.

Paying deaf ears for the citizen’s call for peaceful and non violent approach to resolve the political crisis in the country clearly demonstrate love for war as an approach of mitigating the current political crisis in the country.

CEPO in strong terms calls upon both Dr. Riek Machar and HE. Salva Kiir to give peace the chance since their commitment for non-violent mitigation of the current political crisis pays a lot in the safety and stability of South Sudan.

The scenario that is going on in Bor is causing panic and unrest to the entire citizens of the country as lives which could have been used for growth and development of this nation are claimed.
Finally, CEPO calls upon IGAD to ensure that participation of the youth, women and Civil Society in the process of the negation is vital.
Tomorrow marks the first day of the new-year 2014, it should be a year of peace and should be seen by the conflicting parties as a new agenda for peaceful dialogue because we have seen the worst effect of the clashes on women and children.

CEPO calls upon all South Sudanese across the globe to light candles for ten minutes as symbol of peace and love for the year 2014.


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December, 31st. 2013.