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December 28th 2013, CEPO Appreciates IGAD'S Efforts

Community Empowerment for Progress Organization-CEPO appreciates the efforts of IGAD and the other diplomatic missions in resolving the Political Crisis in South Sudan. IGAD is always progressive in handling its regional challenges and hard in finding lasting solution. Mitigation of these political crises non-violently is the top interest of the citizens of South Sudan. Working democratically requires no arm approach other than tolerance, non-violence, patience and compromise.

Through collected citizens’ opinions in Juba City by CEPO, the citizens are urging the conflicting parties to accept unconditional dialogue in resolving their political difference immediately especially the members of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-SPLM as the ruling party. Secondly, the conflicting parties should accept ceasefire prior the unconditional political dialogue to enable some citizens to return to their houses and also to allow the humanitarian situation to be addressed.
In strong terms, CEPO is calling IGAD to ensure that, the conflicting parties reach genuine solution of resolving their political difference through democratic process.  Among the avenues that the members of the ruling party have at hand for transforming SPLM leadership honorably and democratic is the third party national convention. On the other hand, for the citizens,the national constitution review and the national general elections 2015 are avenues for democratic transformation. Therefore, we are expecting the conflicting parties to agree constructively and genuinely on timely manner for facilitation of their party third national convention while for the nation at large is the facilitation of the national constitution review and national election 2015 as methods of bringing democratic governance to the nation. Finally, CEPO calls for urgentintervention to the humanitarian situation in the country including the situation of Sudan refugee in South Sudan.