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Civil Sociey briefed on South Sudan joining East African Community.

Juba, Monday March 14th 2016,  Civil Society Organizations were briefed on South Sudan admission to the regional Intergovermental bloc commonmly known as East African Community after it was deferred twice from April 2011 and Novemebr of the same year when it first gained its independence from Sudan in 2011.

The briefing basically focused on opportunities and challenges which the Keynote speaker   Mr. Edmund Yakani termed as advantages and disadvantages of joining the regional bloc, the East African Communiy.

The idea   is received with mixed reactions by members of the civil society, some looked at it as an opportunity of improving the paralyzed economy as it will bost trade in the war torn South Sudan. Meanwhile, others said joining East African Community will make South Sudan a damping ground for other member states of the bloc.