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CEPO urges State Governors and Chiefs of Administrative Areas to deliver basic services.

July 2020. 

Abstract: This paper demonstrate the importance of state and local governments during the lifespan of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan. State and local are essential level of the Government in the next phase of transitioning south Sudan from violence to peace. Any mass in establishing the state and local government will have huge implication in transitioning the society from violence to peace.

Among the key masses that requires avoidance include establishment of sizable government at state and local government level. Any big size government at the state and local government will directly contributes in denying meaningful deliverance of social services to the citizens.

This means the chances of some section of the society resort to complement their livelihood needs through violent manner is higher, and this might due to the failure of meeting the meaningful salaries and other benefits of the public civil servants in timely manner.

For genuine engagement of the state and local government in the lifespan of the peace agreement, it is necessary for the state and local government to translate the concept of social contract between the government and citizens effectively          

  1. Key Priorities
  1. Form state cabinet from technocrats’ personalities with full enforcement of 35% for women quota and inclusions of young people and persons with disabilities.
  2. Urgent formation of local government structures with capable county commissioners, Mayors, Town Clerks and councilors.
  3. Genuinely engage on combating COVID-19 with full involvement of the medical human resource and the hospitals in transparent and accountable manner.  
  4. Consolidate safety and protection of community and individuals from threats of all forms of insecurity.
  5. Investing on adequate social services delivery (health, education, feeder roads and security) 
  6. Promote social cohesion, rule of law and respect of human rights.
  7. Dissemination of the R-ARCSS to the communities. 
  8. Facilitate genuine communities and individuals disarmament.
  1. Key Action Recommendations
  1. State governors should form Non-political committee to immediately facilitate community-centered reconciliation to mitigate inter-communal violence.
  2. The Presidency of the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity should call for state governors’ forum for adaption of strategic framework for the functions of the state government for genuine implementation of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan.
  3. State governments should focus on development of state budget towards meeting immediate expectations of their citizens. 
  4. The state governors should not violate women political participation and representation through 35% for women quota.
  5. The state governors should open civic space at state and local government levels for genuine dissemination of the R-ARCSS.  
  1. Milestones for Engagement
    1. Milestone 1: Governors and chiefs of Administrative units should take serious steps of reconciling the communities that were divided during the state breakdown into number of states.
  1. Resorting past bitter experiences during the breakdown of the states into state
  2. Adapting strategy of not repeating the past.
  3. Communities reconciliations
    1. Mile stone 2: Holding 1st Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity, State Governors and Chiefs of Administrative Units Forum. And such form need to address the followings:
  1. Combating COVID-19 in the country.
  2. Social cohesion and inter-communal violence mitigation.
  3. Implementing R-ARCSS.
  4. Framework for social service delivery.
  5. Creating conducive environment for IDPs and Refugees for making voluntary decision for dignified return.
    1. Milestone 3: Embracing communities consultations for setting state development agenda within the state capacity for meeting citizen’s expectations. Therefore, this milestone should focus on:
  1. Strengthening citizens-state partnership
  2. Management of citizens’ expectation.
  3. Provision of unrestricted civic space.
    1. Milestone 4: Administering state, administrative units and local government without affiliation to political party. This should  help to:
  1. Regaining Trust and confidence.
  1. Building spirit of political culture for living together.


Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) will effectively engage on the following actions;

  1. Lobbying and advocating for conduct of new state governors and chiefs of administrative unit stakeholder’s peace and reconciliation dialogues at state and administrative units level.
  2. Lobbying and Advocate for continues state and administrative units’ dialogues including governor’s forum in Juba.



To foster urgent reconciliation between the new state governors and chiefs of administrative units is essential for setting up political atmosphere for creating conducive political environment for smooth functioning of the state and administrative unit.

Building common ground between the state, administrative units and their respective communities is essential for securing human growth and development at the sub-national levels of the government.  It is time for starting a new political page where the principle of live together, united in difference and diversity is highly embraced by the new political leadership and communities at the sub-national levels.