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Ms. Grace John Kenyi, A South Sudanese citizen born in the year 1989. She Started work with Community Empowerment for Progress Organization in 2013 as Program Assistant for Advocacy and Lobby. In 2014 she was promoted as Governance and Peace Manager for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization. She is a beneficiary of UNITAR capacity building program named “UNITAR Hiroshima South Sudan Fellowship on Project Planning and management in 2015”. Ms. Grace has completed all the phases of the trainings in both South Sudan and Japan within the program period from November 2015 to March 2016. She contributed effectively in coaching and mentoring the candidate of UNITAR fellowship of 2016-2017

This small writing is intended to share with the public the impact that CEPO gained from Ms. Grace John Kenyi participation in the UNTAR fellowship Program. CEPO as an institution observed greater change in Ms. Grace John’s capacities in performing her office duties and responsibilities. She was observed by various colleagues in CEPO as being transformed professional and effective staff for delivering her office work. Grace John Kenyi has become a mentor in CEPO especially the staff under her supervision gained awesome experiences including the rest of her workmates in CEPO office.

The Executive Director of CEPO applauds Grace John in applying the skills and knowledge gained from UNITAR program effectively with her colleagues. Among key improvements witnessed by the Executive Director as the overall Supervisor of CEPO Managers, Grace Skills on writing reports, project proposal and framing ideas has greatly changed to better. She has acted professional in Project management. Evidently Ms. Grace was a coach for the second UNITAR team from June, 2016 to May 2017 and specifically she successful mentored Mr Samuel Ngor who is now implementing his project on community road maintenance in Tali of Tereke state

Beyond supporting CEPO Staff, some staff from more than five civil society organizations approached CEPO for nomination to attend  UNITAR because they saw Ms. Grace has improved her leadership skills and professionalism that  encouraged them to join UNITAR.   CEPO secured one seat for female staff in 2017 and now three seats for three staff as two seats for female and one seat for male because of Ms Grace John effectiveness during UNITAR program.

Ms. Grace John is currently engaged in developing national strategy for championing home-grown mediation, negotiation and dialogue for South Sudanese communities.  She succeeded in structuring national conflict early warning system and early response system.

 Finally Ms.Grace John Kenyi initiated national women annual award, intended to community woman that has done extraordinary thing in her Community in 2016. Written By: Mr. Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of CEPO