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Baseline Survey on Education Budget Tracking

A survey conducted by Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) in Morobo County of Central Equatoria State revealed that lack of accountability impacts negatively on school performance in the county.

CEPO’s Communications officer James Hitler has said absence of strong accountability oversight structure to monitor and foster proper use of resources in the county has impacted   negatively on the education sector in Morobo County culminating into the poor results.

He furtehr said absence of accountability structures in the county makes the public not to hold their leaders accountable. "There is no functional accountability structure within the county that monitors education funds which are either transferred to the county by International donor Agency or the state government."

The central issue underlying accountability in the community is   absence of good relationship with the local government authorities since they are not working directly with the Education department.

The public does not demand for accountability from their leaders, the existing local and social structures within the community do not hold their leaders accountable since the County leaders are perceived to be having power over their subordinates who confer  legitimacy to their leaders

Area members of parliament use the recess period to visit their families and making tours abroad instead of giving accountability to their constituencies.

The government   is setting up institutional frameworks and structures through which its office bearers can be held accountable.

About the Project:

Education budget Tracking is a project funded by Justice Africa Uk, it’s a six months project focusing at tracking education funds.