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Anti-corruption and Transparency Agenda for South Sudan.

The Republic of South Sudan joined the globe in the struggle to fight the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. Efforts have been positioned by the Government of South Sudan for actual stoppage of the Coronavirus in the country.

Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) in line with its COVID-19 pandemic observatory reports, is releasing the below measures to ensure avoidance of corrupt practices and promotion of transparency and accountability for combating the Coronavirus pandemic.

Community Empowerment for progress organization promises to raise awareness and report on priorities of anti-corruption and transparency to combat COVID-19 pandemic in the country by following the guide lines listed hereunder:

  1. All procurements of items associated with COVID-19 pandemic response in the country should be made public for competition.
  2. Avoid bribes and kick-backs for winning business contracts award associated with combat of COVID-19.  
  3. Provision of information on actions undertaken by the National High Level Taskforces on COVID-19 should be timely.
  4. Publishing accurate information on public funds and donations received for combating COVID-19 pandemic to be declared for open knowledge.
  5. Mechanism should be established by the National High level Taskforces for COVID-19 with commitment for full protection of whistleblower.
  6. Abolishing profiteering from the responses of combating COVID-19 pandemic to be avoided.  
  7. Any case of fraud should not be covered-up but investigate and handle it legally.