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The Republic of South Sudan joined the globe in the struggle to fight the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. Efforts have been positioned by the Government of South Sudan for actual stoppage of the Coronavirus in the country. Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) in line with its COVID-19... (more)
Human Rights Monitoring Agenda on COVID-19 in South Sudan. 16th – April – 2020. The Republic of South Sudan just like the rest of the world is fighting the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. Remarkably, efforts have been deployed by the government of South Sudan in order to observe and prevent... (more)
CEPO Report on South Sudan Parties compliance to 35% affirmative action. March 2020. Abstract: This observation report has specific focus on South Sudan parties’ compliance with affirmative action of 35% for women during the formation of the revitalized transitional government of national... (more)
  OBSERVATORY REPORT ON COVID-19 PANDEMIC. STATE FUNDING COMBATING COVID-19 PANDEMIC IS MATTER OF URGENCY  April, 2020 Abstract: This report presents findings of CEPO’s quick survey on states capacities in responding to the threat of COVID-19 pandemic. The methodology of the survey... (more)