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PUBLIC EXPECTATIONS TOWARDS THE REVITALIZED TRANSITIONAL PRESIDENCY March, 2020 Abstract: This piece of advocacy paper is sharing the common citizens opinions collected from various public gathers such as community event, public prayer, workshops and key informants interviews on the recent formed... (more)
OVERSIGHT OBSERVATION REPORT ON THE SOUTH SUDAN PARTIES’ PERFORMANCE WITH THE FIRST 50 DAYS OF THE EXTENDED 100 DAYS FOR THE PRE-TRANSITIONAL PERIOD 30th December, 2019  Abstract: This report presents summary of CEPO oversight observation findings on the performance of South Sudan... (more)
The Status of R-ARCSS Implementation Formalization of 100 days Extention of the Pre-Transitional Period. Oversight observation Report   10th November 2019 Abstract: This is an oversight observation report on IGAD consultative meeting for formalizing the extension of the pre-transitional... (more)
Community Empowerment For Progress Oragnization (CEPO) advocacy Paper on African Union Ad Hoc Committee (AU C50) Role during the the Extended Pre-Transitional Period of 100 days. Submitted to AU Mission Head in Juba and to the Ambassador of South African in Juba as Chair of AU C5 on 14th Nov. 2019... (more)