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Juba, 14th January 2015, the revenge attacks   in Lakes state is increasing the cycle of violence   among the communities, this is perturbing and disconcerting. In strong terms, CEPO condemn all acts of attacking and killings among the communities of Lakes state In strong terms... (more)
Juba, September 9th 2014, the national parliament of South Sudan has ratified the Convention on Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) on September 3rd 2014. This marks an effective good footing for women empowerment in South Sudan. It’s a remarkable start in the struggle to... (more)
Juba, August 26th 2014, in an effort to establish facts about the root causes of the increasing cycle of insecurity in Lakes State, the national parliamentarians have summoned the minister of security, defense and the deputy minister of interior to explain why insecurity is on the increase, this is... (more)
As the President of the republic of south Sudan His Excellence Salva Kiir prepares to meet his counterpart Riak  Machar tomorrow the 9th May, 2014 for a discussion on how to end the current crisis; CEPO and NPPR have launched the peace campaign under the theme; “different tribes, one... (more)