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Checklist for Enhancing Women Influence for Genuine R-ARCSS Implementation June, 2020 Abstract: This paper is intending to amplify some strategies for enhancing better women influence on R-ARCSS implementation. In past all efforts designed for enhancing women influence on peace agreement... (more)
ACT NOW BEFORE IT IS LATE May, 2020 Abstract: This paper is intending to raise an alert of a possible merging threat to human society, livestock and wildlife a results of triple shocks posed by COVID-19 restrictions, locust invasion and floods. The possible destruction will have grave impact on... (more)
LINKAGES BETWEEN COVID-19, HUMAN RIGHTS AND PEACEBUILDING  May, 2020 Abstract: This oversight observation report on the performance of the South Sudan National High level Taskforces in combating the COVID-19 pandemic is for the month of April, 2020. The third month of the national high... (more)
Implications of COVID-19 on Women , Peace and Secuirty.   April, 2020 Abstract: This paper is stressing the importance of linking the responses of COVID-19 to Women, Peace and Security agenda. Women are at the frontline of facing the threat of COVID-19 pandemic. They are in a protective... (more)