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CEPO Report on South Sudan Parties compliance to 35% affirmative action. March 2020. Abstract: This observation report has specific focus on South Sudan parties’ compliance with affirmative action of 35% for women during the formation of the revitalized transitional government of national... (more)
  OBSERVATORY REPORT ON COVID-19 PANDEMIC. STATE FUNDING COMBATING COVID-19 PANDEMIC IS MATTER OF URGENCY  April, 2020 Abstract: This report presents findings of CEPO’s quick survey on states capacities in responding to the threat of COVID-19 pandemic. The methodology of the survey... (more)
Community Empowerment for Progress  Organization Paper on Status of R-ARCSS Implementation.   Petition: Turning Commitment into Reality. Abstract: This paper is specifically calling for the parties tasked to implement the revitalized agreement on the resolution of conflict  in South... (more)
Community Empowerment for Progress Organization Organization’s 1st Observation Report on COVID-19 April, 2020. Abstract: This report presents public advocacy and lobby for collective engagement in fighting COVD-19 in the Republic of South Sudan. South Sudan has officially confirmed two... (more)