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Humanitarian Targets

Two CID personnel arbitrarily

On 16.3. 2015. Two CID personnel arbitrarily entered the compound of an INGO in Nyamlel, NBeG State and said they had the authority to enter any premises, they walked all over the compound and then left without any reservations. Later on at 17:00 hours same persons came in a government vehicle and t ...

Car Hijacked

20.3.2015. An unknown male entered the compound of Handicap International and made off with a Toyota Land Cruiser. No violence was involved and police are investigating the circumstances.

Two International staff

On 11.3.2015. An UNHAS flight from Juba-Bor- Ulang was cancelled because an Immigration Officer in Bor airport requested two UN Agency international staff members to show him their passports. Because they didn’t produce their passports, the two International staff members were not allowed to c ...


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