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Yei. SPLA-IO forces defeated government forces near Korogulu in Yei


On 2.12.2016. Yei. SPLA-IO  forces defeated government forces near Korogulu in Yei River State when the convoy of the government forces left Yei on 7  vehicles taking reinforcements to their surrounded comrades in Lasu/Lonbongo, and the revolutionary force are in full control of Korogulu, 7kms away from Yei” Brig. Gen. Martin continued. Brig. Martin reports that their forces captured two mounted trucks, arms, ammunitions and prisoners of war from Salva Kiir’s SPLA forces.  He said two among the POWs are Congolese nationals. “The revolutionary forces captured 2 vehicles with arms and ammunitions, including 3 government forces as Prisoner of War whereas 2 are Congolese national, fighting alongside the government forces since 2013”

Thursday, December 8, 2016 - 00:15
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