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Yei governor survives a road ambush


Authorities in Yei River State have condemned an attack on the governor’s convoy along the Yei-Lasu highway last Wednesday.

Yei River state deputy governor Yusto Baba told Radio Tamazuj that a high-level delegation led by Governor Emmanuel Adil fell into a road ambush about ten miles from Yei on Wednesday. There were no casualties in the attack, he said.

“The convoy of his excellency the governor was attacked but nobody died and they continued with the mission and entered safely to DRC. With him on board was the ambassador of DRC to South Sudan,” he added.

Yusto Baba condemned the attack, accusing the National Salvation Front rebels led by General Thomas Cirilo of laying the ambush. 

“Everybody was expecting that the NAS group would comply with the call for peace but on the contrary NAS continues to attack government forces, abducting and killing civilians. We, the government of Yei River State condemn these activities carried out by the NAS group,” he said.

Baba noted that the governor was on an official mission to attend a cross border meeting in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s border town of Aba.

He said the meeting was aimed at discussing mutual relations, free movement along the common borders and security improvements.

Efforts to reach the NAS spokesman Suba Samuel to respond to the allegations were fruitless.


Monday, November 4, 2019 - 04:15
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