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Nine people killed in separate incidents in South Sudan's Unity state


At least nine people were killed, a woman injured, and two people missing in separate incidents in South Sudan’s Unity state.

Local authorities have accused the armed opposition of being behind these incidents.

Adviser on government affairs in the proposed Northern Liech state John Malok said two people were killed when government forces attacked a group of cattle raiders. 

Additionally, three people were killed and two remaining missing from an ambush by gunmen on a car carrying an SPLA brigadier.

“A car of an SPLA brigadier was traveling from Bentiu to Leer fell in an ambush in Koch. Three people died on the spot. The driver and another person are still missing," Malok said.

Meanwhile, four people have been killed and a woman was injured in when gunmen ambushed a car belonging to the commissioner of Mayendit county on Monday.

“Yesterday a car belonging to commissioner of Mayendit county was transporting fuel from Bentiu to Mayendit county fell in an ambush. Four people were killed and the car was burned completely," Malok said.

Thursday, March 31, 2016 - 00:30
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