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Motorbike Rider Killed In Yei



YEI, 29 March 2016 [Gurtong]- On Sunday during the Easter celebration a Boda-boda man was reportedly killed by a customer along Yei-Maridi road 3miles from the town.

The Chief Advisor for Yei Boda-boda Association, Hassan Apollo, said the incident happened at 9:30 PM in the evening.

“It happened at around 9:30; someone called me and asked me whether I know James (the deceased) I said yes I know him, and he said ‘come, James has been injured- you hurry’. We went there and we found him unconscious we took him to the hospital and at around 3:00 am he died,” said Apollo.

“It is the second time within this month and the same Maridi road, Maridi road have been so bad for so long but the last two to three years there was nothing bad and it has begun this year” added Apollo.

Dr Ring Biar, the Medical Director of Yei Civil Hospital, confirmed that the deceased died from “bleeding and had fractures on the base of the skull”.

He said the late Boda-boda rider seems to have been hit by a very sharp object on his head.

“It seem he was hit by a hard object because I got there was a cut wound from the back of the neck, it cut off the main arteries which is going to the brain, so the main cause of dead was bleeding plus fracture at the base of the skull” said Ring.

The motor bike riders have been angered by the series of killings saying that if it continues they may be forced to shut down business in order to protect their lives.

“We are looking for survival and yet we are being killed then what can we do?” One of the riders reacted.

Nonetheless the Chief Advisor for the Association advised his colleague to close business during late night hours.

“Our riders should protect their lives, you know life is better than money, life is precious. It is not about government, government is there to control of course but you need to control yourself, you are the first government yourself,” said Apollo.

Efforts to reach the police authorities for comments were not successful.

Many of the Boda-boda riders are learned youths who are either struggling to make money to upgrade their studies or have failed to get jobs in their professions.

So, the boda-boda business has become a way of survival for them.

Over 2000 youths are estimated to be in the business in Yei River County and the municipality.

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