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Man killed, wife kidnapped in Tambura


A man was killed and his wife kidnapped in Tambura County of Tambura State on Wednesday by unknown gunmen, an official said.

Tambura state Information Minister Anikumbo Aime told Radio Tamazuj on Thursday that the incident happened on Wednesday night in an area west of Tambura town when armed men broke into the home of the late Emmanuel Lando.

He said the attackers asked the man and his wife to come out, but the man was killed trying to escape.

“The husband tried to escape and he was shot dead. He died on the spot. The woman was kidnapped and they went away with her. Up to now, her whereabouts are not known though the authorities are working hard to find her,” he added.

However, Aime referred to the incident as an isolated one but called on the public to report any such incidents.

The government is working hard during this time of peace to ensure that the culprits are brought to book and we are also telling our public to embrace peace in our hearts.

“If there you have any problem with your colleague please take the person to court, don’t take matters into your own hands,” he cautioned.


Friday, November 8, 2019 - 04:45
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